Julia Styling Chair Miami, FL

SKU: CH160


– All Salon Ambience chairs are available in three bases (star, round and square) and with swivel column, gas and pump with brake.

– Pump is 100% Made in Italy

– Guaranteed for 5 years


-Width 24″

-Depth 24″

-Available in 50 sky colors


Discover the perfect balance between size and comfort, between soft lines and square shapes! The Julia styling chair is designed to respond to the modern salon’s needs, wanting to maximize the space without giving up on comfort and style. The large seat is accommodating and enveloping, while the small size ensures space saving. The classic, squared design combines with softer, curved forms; the chair’s balanced shape is enhanced by rounded corners and curved arms. Finally, what makes the Julia a perfect solution for “always in a rush” modern salons is the attention to easy cleaning in addition to the principles of ergonomics. The seat, the armrests and the back are in fact 7 mm apart, thus preventing the hair from nestling, by simply blowing the hair away.