Learn, train and master your skills and techniques with hands-on classes, demo days and seminars provided on and off-site. Our nationally and internationally known artist instructors will provide you with learning experiences that will teach you how to create the latest beauty trends like balayage, color melting, hair contouring, dipping powder, PolyGel, utilizing the best beauty products and innovative techniques and solutions for beauty and wellness. Sign up for a class today!

Improve your confidence with brow mapping, tinting & shaping featuring the NEW Browvado Gel Wax by Caronlab.

Venue:Flamingo Beauty Supply

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Monday, November 30th, 2020.

Advance Cuccio Workshop feat. Builder Gels

Maximiza tus ganancias y servicios en el salon con el nuevo Cuccio Pro Brush-On Builder y Flex Hard Gels. Aprende tecnicas avanzadas para esculpir, trabajar con tips de completa cobertura y retoques sobre acrilico y gel. Inscribete para un dia de completo aprendizaje.

Venue:Flamingo Training Center

BOOK NOW Limited space available.