Learn, train and master your skills and techniques with hands-on classes, demo days and seminars provided on and off-site. Our nationally and internationally known artist instructors will provide you with learning experiences that will teach you how to create the latest beauty trends like balayage, color melting, hair contouring, dipping powder, PolyGel, utilizing the best beauty products and innovative techniques and solutions for beauty and wellness. Sign up for a class today!

Advance color class to correct bleach and tones or outdated partial highlights. Accomplished using babylights, shadow tinting between foil, with finishes including base breaking, shadow toning, and foil low-lighting. This class also expands on color theory, including porosity/texture and gray coverage, to equip stylist with everything they need to problem solve common difficult scenarios. Workshop include a Theory Presentation and Hands-On practice on mannequin.

Venue:FBS2 Training Center

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