Margot Styling Chair Miami, FL

SKU: CH120


-All Salon Ambience chairs are available in three bases (star, round and square) and with swivel column, gas and pump with brake.

-Pump is 100% Made in Italy

-Guaranteed for 5 years


-Width 24″

-Depth 26″

-Height 29.5″ – 35.5″

-Available in 50 sky colors


Evoke the timeless elegance of the past with the gorgeous MARGOT styling chair. Soft, curved lines give the chair a classic, boutique style, while the large, enveloping seat and backrest ensure maximum comfort. What makes the Margot really unique is the attention to detail: the elegant stitching on the back and the curved shape of the arms will add prestige and sophistication to any salon. The Margot is available in a choice of Sky Colours, either one or two-tone, at no extra cost.